What is ESNcard?

ESNcard is a membership card of the Erasmus Student Network, which means that you can access all the services offered by ESN and our partners.

With ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sport, food, bars, etc.) all over Europe. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to participate in thousands of events (trips, cultural events, sports activities and parties) all year long.

The aim of ESNcard is to support and give opportunities to international students during and after their exchange.

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Who can get ESNcard?

You can get ESNcard if you are:

  • incoming Erasmus+ student or trainee;

  • international incoming student or trainee on a mobility programme, outside of Erasmus+;

  • international full degree student;

  • European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteer;

  • active member of an ESN section.

If you are an outgoing student from Estonia, you can get the ESNcard in the ESN section/country of your destination. ESN sections locatore can be found here.


How can I get my ESNcard

You can buy an ESNcard in the ESN Tartu office during office hours. For that, you need:

  • Document-size photo. The native size on the card is 2.7 cm x 3.7 cm, but we can cut your picture if it's bigger.

  • Your ID card/passport/driving licence

  • The card fee of 15 EUR.

The card is valid for 1 year.


How long does it take to get the card?

As the info on the card is handwritten, it takes only a few minutes to make the card. During busy office hours in the beginning of the semester or when a lot of events are coming up, we recommend you to come early and plan some extra time for this.

If you want to reduce the time you and others have to wait in line, you can do the following:

  • Fill in the form

  • Make a payment to ESN Tartu (more info in the form)

  • Bring a picture and come pick up your card in the office

If you do all these steps, we will prepare your card before the Office Hour. We only prepare the card if you have made the payment!